Off to Hundred Islands

After my grades came out I can’t help but start satisfying my crave for traveling. My dad let me choose where to go but the catch is he gave me the responsibility of handling the budget.  Hundred Islands is one of the tourist spot here in the Philippines but is usually left out because it almost has the same travel time if you’re going to Baguio from Manila. I actually remember this intersection wherein my dad always says that if you turn left that will lead to Hundred Islands but as for us we always turn right to head to Baguio.

Going to Hundred Islands

We’re planning to make an overnight trip to save from lodging expenses, so we left as early as 1am for our 6 hour drive so we’re expecting to arrive there at 7am. When we’re almost at the Hundred Islands National Park and it was around 6:30 we decided to eat first at Jollibee beside the Municipal Hall of Alaminos. There were so many people and the lanes to the counter were really long that it took as so much time just to order, wait for the food to be served and eat it.

It was almost 9am when we arrive in Hundred Islands National Park and the place was packed with tourists, no parking slot and there goes the never ending lane again. It was really a big mistake to go to a tourist spot during long weekend vacation. Anyway back to the situation we witnessed when we arrived, we immediately fall in line after seeing the long lane that the end is no where to be found.

How to rent a boat?

Make sure to get your form wherein you have to write the basic information of the passengers who will ride the boat for the Island Hopping. As you enter their office you will be given the option to choose a bigger boat, but of course, there’s a maximum no. of passengers per boat.

The rates for the boat as as follows

  • SMALL BOAT (1-5 Passengers)
    • One-Day Tour with Service Boat: Php 1,400.00
    • Two-Day Tour with Service Boat: Php 3,000.00
  • MEDIUM BOAT (6-10 Passengers)
    • One-Day Tour with Service Boat: Php 1,800.00
    • Two-Day Tour with Service Boat: Php 3,800.00
  • LARGE BOAT (11-15 Passengers)
    • One-Day Tour with Service Boat: Php 2,000.00
    • Two-Day Tour with Service Boat: Php 4,500.00

In addition to this you still have to pay for the following for every passenger

    • Day Tour – Php 40.00
    • Overnight – Php 80.00
  • ENVIRONMENTAL FEE/IPAF: – Php 30.00/person
  • INSURANCE (Effective for 24hrs.) – Php 10.00/person

Islands we visited


A photo from this island is the reason why I wanted to visit Hundred Islands because it looked like a 3D map. I really acknowledge my friend’s skill in taking the photo because mine didn’t look like how I wanted it to be. But I’m really happy with the photos I took.

I would say that the Governor’s Island is for sightseeing and best place to take your photos. The stairway going up was really tiring but its really worth the sweat. The view was fantastic blue water and small green islands will welcome you.


This was my favorite island the water is really blue and clear but aside from the clear blue water, there is also a cliff diving area, the cliff isn’t that high but when I’m already standing in the jumping area I was so scared and I even thought of not jumping anymore but all thanks to the Kuya assisting us for encouraging me to jump. Tip: Hold onto your nose because its really painful to inhale salt water.

We actually went to Quezon Island and went back to Marcos Island because we really loved it. I wouldn’t say that there isn’t much people in the island but the place is wide enough to give every tourist a space to stay. I just sat there being pushed and pulled by the water but I really enjoyed it a lot!


This Island has most of the outdoor such as zipline, wall climbing and rappelling and water activities like kayaking, banana boat and parasailling.  We did not stay for too long in Quezon Island because during that time none of us really wanted to try this activities maybe because we’ve tried it already somewhere and we really wanted to go back asap to Marcos Island to try the Cliff Diving which is new for us.

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  1. Me and my family our planning to go to Hundred Islands also before the summer ends. Just want to ask if we can stay overnight in an island or we can only stay during daytime? Btw love your blog 😊

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Yes you can stay overnight, but I’m not really sure with the rates but you can check it with asensopangasinan which I think is Pangasinan’s official website.

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