Top 5 Favorite Japanese Foods

  • Takoyaki

This was the first Japanese food that I tried and it was already mindblowing but first what does Takoyaki means? I actually ask my cousin what Takoyaki means because it rhymes with Okonomiyaki, I got curious as to what does ‘yaki’ mean. ‘Yaki’ in English is to fry while ‘Tako’ is Octopus so to combine together, Takoyaki is a fried Octopus Japanese snack.

The Takoyaki I tried in Japan is really different from the ones I tried here in the Philippines. Our Takoyaki was served as soon as it was cooked so it was really hot but the flavor was really tangy. I really love that part of it melts in your mouth and you can definitely taste the Octopus on it which is big and chewy.

  • Sushi

I’m a big fan of raw foods like sashimi and sushi so it is really a must try for me if ever I visit Japan. My cousin brought us in a sushi restaurant in Shibuya and it was exactly the type or restaurant I wanted to visit! I’ve seen it in a Korean variety show and I’ve also listed it in my bucketlist. Its a type of restaurant wherein one has to choose and order from the monitor that is in your table and upon making your order it will be delivered to you through a —- and I really find it amazing and cool!

Their sushi is thrice as big as our sushi here in the Philippines and its taste is really refreshing I can say that those sushi-s are really fresh and just thinking about it makes me want to go back to Japan. I really want to eat it soon.

  • Hakone’s Black Egg

While on our way down from Mt. Fuji my uncle stopped over in Hakone since its also on the way and he really want us to try as many foods and activities as possible that there is in Japan. Hakone is famous for their Black egg which is just like normal eggs but was specially boiled in natural spring water that contains sulfur and iron that turns white egg to black eggs. These eggs are also believed to add 3 years to your life per egg eaten.

How does it taste? It tastes just like a normal egg the only difference is that its shell is black but why not try it and and grab the opportunity to add 3 years in your life.

  • Osaka’s Egg Tart

Its soft and crunchy at the same time. The filling is really sweet and soft but the outer is crunchy giving it a balance. Just from the look of it its really scrumptious and when you start eating it, you’ll want to eat more of it.

We actually ate one from Osaka and because we loved the taste of the egg tart we bought again from Asakusa but we really prefer the one from Osaka — It was seriously flavourful! So if ever you visit Osaka mae sure to try their egg tarts.

  • Grilled Salmon

My favorite which will always be my first choice if I’ve seen it in the menu – Salmon. Grilled Salmon maybe a common food which is available for most countries like here in the Philippines but of course since its my favorite it is just a must that its in my list.

I just find fishes from Japan fresher and more savory (like what I’ve mentioned in Sushi). Rich flavored grilled Salmon plus plain rice is a satisfying lunch for me already.

I just have to note that the portions are really big in every food we eat — Totally worth your money! and its really impossible to keep your diet when you’re in Japan because all their foods are delicious and served in big portions.

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