Osaka-Kyoto: Osaka Castle


Osaka Castle — We made it to Osaka Castle while the sun was still up. To reach the Osaka Castle we had a long walk from the parking area to the main entrance of the castle. But the view was really relaxing and it wasn’t that cold so we really enjoyed and was full of energy. We passed by the Osaka Dome as we walk for the entrance upon entering the Palace you still have to walk further to see the whole castle. We took photos as soon as we saw the castle little did we know that it was the back of the castle and the front view was a lot more beautiful, majestic and picturesique. It was simple with mainly white colors with touches of light green and gold. By the way if you want to buy some souvenirs they have a store with a wide variety of souvenirs that you can bring home! But of course since Osaka castle is one of the famoust tourist spot expect that the souvenirs are kinda expensive.

We were suppose to head to Kyoto for our dinner and hotel but Ian has been driving since 12am without sleep, he drives then tours us around. So, we decided to just change our hotel booking to a hotel in Osaka, so Ian can rest asap. And also because it will be risky since Ian was really sleepy that time and if we head to tokyo he has to drive for around two hours in the highway again. Driving in highways will really make you doze off.


Hotel– the hotel we stayed in has a branch in Kyoto and at the same time in Osaka so we were able to easily change our bookings. There were 15 of us so we booked 6 rooms! But we only got 1 family room then the rest are single rooms that are good for one person only but the bed was enough for 2 people, because of this, while checking in some were left in the parking area to hide. My uncle thought of the idea since he has checked in the hotel before. The room was spacious, simple and neat. The only problem we had was that the towel and toothbrush was good for one person only and we didn’t packed up those because we don’t really bring them when we’re checking in in a hotel. So, we went out and looked for the nearest convenience store and since were in Japan we were allowed to go out with just us the youngsters, because my parents find Japan a safe country.

Dinner – Just around our hotel there is this —- where you can eat as much as you can for two hours, so ordering and finishing your food quick is a must! Since you can’t order a next batch if you’re not yet done with your first order. There’s 15 of us so we divided ourselves into 2 groups, Anri’s and Ian’s group. Ian and Anri will be the one ordering food and its funny how Anri orders skillfully in just the right time that there was never a time that our table was empty unlike in Ian’s table, they always look at our table and drool over our food. I remember them saying “Why do they already have their food and we don’t have yet” and “They have so many food”. So what we ate were fried pork, fish, seafoods, veggies and even fruits. I remember ordering so many salmon and it was really delicious and that I can’t get tired of eating it maybe I ate around atleast 20 sticks of Salmon and my second favorite was fried octopus. I really eat a lot of octopus when I’m out of the country since we only have squids here in Ph. Anyway just before our time was over we were all done and extremely full.

Strolling – the restaurants around our area was already closing we still got some time to take pictures it was late at night but the area was all light up with cool exterior designs of each restaurants.




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