Osaka-Kyoto: USJ, Dontonburi, Glico Man

On our way to  Osaka — We’re off to Osaka at exactly 12am. This time Ian and his father will be driving for us.  We opted for a car drive instead of riding the plane or the train though both will be faster but it will be costly compared to a car drive. Ian will drive for the youngsters and his father for the tanders. We bought some snacks and coffee first before we left since it will be a 6 hour drive from Kawasaki to Osaka.

We were all energetic and singing (were playing the same playlist we use in ph) at first! But we all end up sleeping I really felt sorry for Ian that day T.T I really tried not to sleep but its so dark and were driving on an endless highway that seems to not end, I just cant help it. We ate, slept, woke up and Hello Osakaaaaaa!

Universal Studios Japan – Our first stop in Osaka was USJ! But if the highway won’t seem to end the lane for USJ seems endless too.. We went there at December 26 and it seems its still holiday in Japan. We plan to visit Osaka and Kyoto in two days so we don’t have that much time to spend. So, we just took a picture with the famous Globe and roamed around a bit and left.

Dontoburi – Since we haven’t had a proper meal for that day and its almost lunch time, we decided to eat in Dontonburi one of the tourist spots in Osaka.

While looking for a proper restaurant where we can eat rice, we first ate takoyaki to lessen our hunger. Takoyaki means tako = octopus and yaki = friend so its fried octopus in English. It was different! I always wonder why do people in the drama love takoyaki that much but when I tried it here in Philippines it wasn’t that delicious! But I finally understand when I tried it! It was really flavorful and it melts in your mouth! You can taste the octopus on it and even though it was so hot, you won’t stop eating!

We had our lunch just across the Takoyaki stall, and the serving is really more than enough I really can’t finish it but we have to finish it because leaving some leftover will mean it was not delicious and will make the chef sad. So even with full stomach I tried my best to finish it.

Just looking at this cheese tart will make you drool for it. It was really tasty it wasn’t salty nor hard, it was salty and sweet at the same time and its really soft. It was telling me to eat more and more. We actually found a cheese tart stall also in Asakusa and we were expecting that it will taste like the one is Osaka but it wasn’t, so make sure that you try the cheese tart in Osaka


Glico Man – Or in English Running Man is one of the famous tourist spot in Osaka, I’ve seen many Korean idols take pictures here like Jung Joon Young, Ravi form VIXX, Hani from EXID and I bet there’s a lot more. So I really wanted to visit this photo zone area. I don’t really know why it was popular so I asked my cousin who lives in Japan and he don’t know also why.

Here are some photos we take, I think this crab restaurant is also famous its just that we didn’t did any research.

Before the sunset we have to reach Osaka Castle to take better photo so we kinda rushed in and left.

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