Japan 2016 – Around the City

To start off our Japan Tour we explore around the cities of Japan for a Day before heading to places away from the main. We actually left our country without any Itinerary prepared so, I made a simple outline of places we’ll visit with the help of the info map I got from the airport and train stations.

Tokyo Tower and Zojoji Temple– As soon as we get off from Hamamatsucho Station we saw the tall Tokyo tower which I didn’t thought will be visible as soon as we’re out. I googled and all how to walk to the Tokyo tower little did I know that I just need to follow what my eyes see. Anyway on our way to the Tokyo Tower we reached this temple called Zojoji temple. There wasn’t that much to do in the temple but it was beautiful and you can see the Tokyo Tower just behind it perfect for taking pictures. We decided not to go anymore as to where the Tokyo Tower is standing because we thought it will be hard to take pictures if we’re really near the Tokyo Tower because its tall.

Nearest Station: Hamamatsucho Station

The Imperial Palace was so big and I’m not really sure which is which

Imperial Palace – we had a long walk from the station to the Imperial Palace but the view was really beautiful, calming and I really enjoyed our walk. The road was wide, there weren’t that many cars, there are trees on the road, there’s no smoke and it felt really spacious and clean. I really find our walk more valuable than being in the palace? Because we can’t really go near the palace for security purposes.

Nearest Station: Tokyo Station

Akihabara – This is heaven for Anime lovers or what they call otakus. There are just anime evs to bags and many other various stuffs. It is definitely an Anime Haven.

Nearest Station: Akihabara Station

Sensoji Temple – is located in Asakusa. A big bell in the entrance welcomed us and as we walk through we’re surprised that we are in between arrays of souvenir shops and food stalls with people crowding in every shops.

Nearest Station: Asakusa Station

There were so many people so its impossible to take a photo of Hachiko alone

Hachiko Statue – I bet almost everyone knew the story of Hachiko’s loyalty to his owner who waited for him at the station for 9 years after the death of his owner. Hachiko’s story has been written in books in different language and was also been made to movie.

As soon as you get off Shibuya station you’ll see Hachiko’s Statue, I can’t remember which exit though it was just look at through  the glass wall before you exit to know where. There were a lot of people taking photos with Hachiko so be quick in going next to Hachiko and in taking the picture.

Shibuya —  The famous shibuya crossing is just across Hachiko’s statue. I was surprised as to how many people walk through the shibuya crossing. When the green light for crossers went on I was instantly been carried with the crowd. We were all separated and I just followed them with my eyes. Everyone was really walking fast and I’m so busy and focus on avoiding bumping into someone. I just walked on spaces where no one’s foot was. And in no time I was already across the place where I was standing just before the green light turned on.

Shibuya kinda felt like Myeongdong of South Korea with all those brands like H&M, Adidas and Uniqlo in the streets, there were many youngsters walking around and there were also a lot of restaurants everywhere. I bet young ones will love this place a lot.


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