Japan 2016 – Setting foot at Japan

Arrival in Japan

After the, what we called the waiting game for the application, processing and release of our visa we are lucky to be given a multiple visa for 5 years! Oh yeah! We can finally visit Japan and our relatives there!


At the airport — It was a smooth pass through NAIA but as we arrived in Japan of course we have to go through the immigrations. We were advised by my aunt to take note or memorized her address and contact number since we will be staying with her so, we might be asked about her details. As for me, I was asked where I’m going to stay and I answered that I’ll be staying with my Aunt and I was ask again for her name, but as for the others they weren’t asked at all. Time for getting our luggage, we brought a lot of luggage with us seriously! Each of us has two check-in luggage plus one hand carry! Since its winter time in Japan we need to bring lots of clothes for layering and thick jackets and coats in addition, we’ll be celebrating Christmas day there so we have to bring our gifts for each other and our relatives plus all the Filipino delicacies. Tip: Memorize or write down where you’ll stay and their contact information

So, we all helped in getting our luggage and placed it in a push cart. We just randomly pulled and pushed each other’s luggage that caused a little problem. So just before we go out there’s another inspection which I don’t know exactly what for, the man on the lane before us was inspected from head to toe that kinda freaked us out, it was really a strict inspection, we actually wanted to transfer lanes but we’re afraid we’ll look suspicious so we didn’t. We moved next and handed our passport as a group and they were returned and we’re done. We we’re like “We’re done? That’s it”. We exited from the arrivals area and talked about what happened while waiting for my Japanese citizen cousins. It took them awhile to be out and we were informed that it was because of our luggage, since the name on the luggage was my mom’s name and they’re the one bringing it out. Tip: bring out your own luggage

We are welcomed by my Aunt and her husband at the airport. It was my first time seeing my Aunt after around six years and we finally get to see for the first time her husband. Since Ian’s with us only one car was brought to pick us up from the airport so the Tanders (elders) will be riding the car and the youngsters will be commuting.

Riding the train from the airport – this will be our first time strolling? Travelling? with just us the youngsters. I was really excited and happy that time, I’m in a foreign country and I’m travelling with my cousins and this time around I didn’t prepare any itinerary or my “how to get there?” notes. I’m just following my cousins’ lead. We set off from the train station in Narita Airport to Nakanoshima in Kawasaki. I really don’t know how we get there we transferred train lines about 2-3 times?. While on our way we bought some snacks from 7 eleven to ease our hunger we were supposed to eat ramen but we were told that my aunt cooked lunch for us. While transferring lines we really felt the cold temperature, it was really cold but we’re all enjoying it a lot. We get to see a glimpse of Japan as we travelled how beautiful and clean it was. We were informed that we can’t take pictures in the train or capture any faces of people because they really value respect for others. Talking in the train is allowed but of course with low voice but talking on the phone is a no no. We passed by Tokyo station and we really want to get off, you know side trip J but as good children with parents waiting for us we went home directly.






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