Overnight Stay at Laiya Blue Coral Beach Resort

December is absolutely not the peak season for Beach stay but since my cousins from Japan came and they really want to try the beach here in the Philippines we went to one. It was (as always) a short notice to our travel agency and as always (again) they were able to prepare well everything for us.

Currently Laiya is really becoming popular and plus the fact that we’ve been to other beaches in other parts of Batangas we particularly asked our Travel Agency to look for a resort in Laiya for us to stay and try out some water activities.

We arrived just in time for our check in but the problem was its raining T.T We decided to stay for awhile in our room, place the food in the fridge and change clothes while waiting for the rain to stop.

Our Room, while wandering inside our room, based on my observation I think Laiya Blue Coral Beach Resort is one of the first resorts in Laiya. The door room is still opened using keys, the bed doesn’t give that cozy feeling, there’s a small fridge to place your foods and beverages, if ever you want to drink some coffee or hot choco you can call the kitchen to ask for a thermos. But their Bathroom is A+ I think the cozy feel I’m looking from the room is seen in their bathroom. Our verranda also has a good view of the whole pool and also the beach area. By the way, they don’t have elevators so make sure you get a room from the lower floors. Luckily our room is on the second floor, so it wasn’t that hard to go up and down from our room.

The Lobby, we were welcomed by a huge Christmas Tree,  we were able to easily spot the pool and the lobby also has direct access to the dinning area. Their dinning area was really wide~~ You can hold events for that area I think. Anyway we stayed a lot in their lobby and dinning area mainly beacuse their wifi connection won’t reach our rooms and our LTE is not working at all too.

Swimming + Water Activities Their pools are divided depending on its deepness. They have a pool that would look like an infinity pool if you angle your camera correctly. From the last pool you can go down the stairs to reach the Beach area from there, there will be Kuyas asking you to try this and that water activities. We tried the flying fish and jetski! Flying fish was really thrilling and scary at the same time. Make sure to hold tight or you’ll be left out floating on you own. Lastly Jetski! Jetski for me is the most fun and enjoyable water activity, its not scary at all! It was so much fun like you’re riding a motorcycle in the water with speed!!! Definitely a must-try when you’re in a beach.

Dinning, after playing in the water everyone’s hungry so we hurriedly washed up and went down in the dinning for dinner. My dad actually ordered while we were on the shower so that  we wont have to wait that long. After shower, we went down and as soon as we sat our foods are being served already. We ordered 2 family servings of sinigang, crispy pata and chopsuey. The price were around 300-500, and it was all delicious.

Other amenities, they have dartboards, billiard tables and also table tennis just above our room  so we of course tried it. Since the wifi is slow we were bored and these games saved us from boredom. You have to go down to borrow the billiard balls, darts and table tennis racket and ball. They allow 1 hour use for every game per room. Since we booked 2 rooms we were given 2 hours each.

It was my first time playing billiards and it was so fun, I was actually doing better and better after my cousins taught me. Table tennis was a lot easier than billiards for me. We were not able to play darts because it was already late and were all sleepy.

We only packed and left the next morning hecause we still have sore bodies from yesterday’s activity. Just proving how unfit we were.

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