Samgyupsalamat Meat-All-You-Can

After reading many good reviews and hearing good feedbacks from my friends, I finally had a chance to try Samgyupsalamat with my friend Yanie. We are actually going to meet to study and also catch up at the same time, while looking for a place to eat I remembered that Samgyupsalamat has a branch in Makati. And luckily it was near Yanie’s School. So without second thought we decided to eat there.

Samgyupsalamat is a Korean Meat-All-You-Can restaurat that has branches in Taft, and Makati. My sister told me and as I see in their pictures the taft branch is smaller than the one in Makati. Also my sister told me it was hard to park the car in taft since it was really crowded and may were eating unlike in Makati  they have an alotted parking lot for customers and also if the parking area is full its still easy to find one. Luck for us, maybe because we’re also late for lunch time we were able to park just in front of their building. Samgyupsalamat is in the second floor, no worries it wont be that hard to spot it since they have a big sign board.

Rates – Meat-All-You-Can Rates is different for lunch and dinner like any other buffet. And you also have the option to choose between unlimited 1 which is unli pork and unlimited 2 for unlimited pork and beef


unlimited pork  380/430

unlimited pork and Beef  480/530

They also offer  ala carte meals that cost around 110-300 that varies from ramyuns to meats. FYI: We actually arrive when the lunch period is almost over and we stayed until the start of the dinner time but still we were charged with the lunch rate. Seriously for fangirls out there you’ll definitely stay for a long time!

Food – Of course since we love food and we wanted to try all the meats, we availed the unlimited pork and beef. Lets start with the famous and the root of the name of the restaurant Samgyupsal! Of course we ordered it first considering we’re late for lunch and we’re really hungry. Since samgyupsal is really thin it cooks easily so make sure to watch over it (the music show replay is really very teasing). So how I make my samgyupsal? I usually wrap it in lettuce with spring onions, gochujang paste, a little kimchi and rice.


Next is Yangnyum Beef that is quite addictive(?) because of its sweet and tangy taste. I don’t eat this with lettuce nor rice I just eat it as is because it was really good the way it is. I think it will suit everyone’s tastebuds so definitely make sure to try it!

Those two I think were my favorites that I really have to mention it but I would say that the overall meats were all good and it was worth the time and money you spent. Additionally to these meats were of course the side dishes which I really enjoyed because they are the usual side dishes I see on Kdramas and variety shows. I have this korean unli-meat restaurant that I usually go to because its near my place and they don’t offer the same side dishes like my favorite baby potatoes.

Tip: If you want to try all the meats order for a plate for every kind of meat because one plate is more than enough for 2 people.

Ambiance – It was kinda cozy but what I really love is that they are replaying music shows in the screen and BTS came up numerous times so I can’t help but stop eating and start watching.



Address: 3/F Eurocast Bldg, Jupiter St., Makati

Operating Hours: M-Su: 11AM-5AM

Contact no: 0915-725-4034

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